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                                Computer Items for sale

If your interested in any of the below, please e-mail Ralph


                     Again SPARKer's under orders from the "boss" we have to clean out our
                     basement of some "goodies" that I have been accumulating over a period of
                     time. As "Crazy Eddie" would have said it "our prices are insaneeeeeeeee", I
                     have some items that I must divest myself with or have my head divested from
                     my body by my significant other. These items are as follows, several 386SX
                     and DX motherboards some with memory (1MB) some without - like the godfather
                     would have said "go ahead make me an offer". A few 5 1/4 inch high density
                     drives for those who are nastalgic and still have programs on 5 1/4. Now we
                     come to the goodies, I have 2 14" color SVGA monitors that have the digital
                     controls on them ( so they are stare of the art and not state of the Art
                     Sposito ). $40 each drives them off the parking lot ( and for those who would
                     have to ask the obligatory silly question - yes they both work). Now we also
                     have 4 printers, one is a Star 9-pin dot matrix for $15, a Panasonic 9-pin
                     dot matrix for $15, a 24-pin Toshiba dot matrix for $20, and saving the
                     goodie for last a Panasonic 24-pin color for $25 ( belongs to John Robbins
                     -N3KOJ, I'm his sales broker). Now remember all these prices are subject to
                     negotiations and are not carved in stone, we can haggle. Also as with all my
                     past sales to club members( hey maybe I can start my own Sams club - Ralph's
                     Club - has a nice ring to it), 10% of what is collected goes directly to
                     SPARK's repeater fund so if you buy you are also contributing to our little
                     gem high atop Bald Mountain. Please let me know ASAP if you are interested
                     since there is a time limit on this fantastic saleathon.

                     Ralph (Crazy Eddie ) - N3KOL

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